1. Contact ADL

Talk to a No Place for Hate representative to learn more about No Place for Hate. The representative will ask you about demographics and climate at your school.

2. Submit a School Intent Form

After the call, you will receive a School Intent Form via email. Submit the School Intent Form to your No Place for Hate representative to officially enroll in the program. You will receive a box of free planning and publicity materials to help kickoff No Place for Hate and spread the message in the school.

3. Organize a No Place for Hate Committee

This diverse committee, ideally made up of administrators, guidance counselors, teachers, students, community members, and non-instructional staff, will oversee and coordinate the No Place for Hate initiative.

4. Complete a School Assessment

The committee uses the School Assessment to analyze their school’s areas of strength and concern. The Assessment helps you plan and implement Place for Hate projects that specifically addresses your most urgent needs.

5. Host a No Place for Hate Kickoff Event

The program is introduced to students, parents, and staff through this event, during which every student signs the No Place for Hate Promise (elementary school) or Resolution of Respect (middle and high school). While there are no official requirements for the event, the Kickoff should explain No Place for Hate, affirm the school’s commitment to the ideals of the program, and introduce students to the No Place for Hate Promise or Resolution of Respect. Please be aware that No Place for Hate Kickoff events do not count as one of your three projects.

6. Complete three or more projects during the school year

Projects must celebrate diversity, promote respect for difference and/or address bias and bullying. Projects are required to emphasize the mission of No Place for Hate, impact all students in your school and ideally promote critical thinking and a sense of community. Choose from sample programs in the No Place for Hate Resource Guide or feel free to design your own.

Request for Project Approval Form must be sent to No Place for Hate AT LEAST 2 WEEKS in advance of each project. Please refer to the Project Planning Checklist to help you ensure your will be approved. During and after a project, collect supplemental materials (press releases, articles, photos, videos, etc.). You will then send a Project Fulfillment Form, along with the supplemental materials, to ADL when your project wraps up. Please be aware that No Place for Hate Kickoff events do not count as one of the three projects.

7. CONGRATULATIONS! You can now be officially designated as No Place for Hate!

At the end of the year, after completing all requirements, representatives from the ADL come out to officially designate you as a No Place for Hate school. At a No Place for Hate Designation ceremony, ADL will present your school with a large vinyl banner to signify your achievement, which you can hang proudly in the building. The goal is to continue the work every year to remain a No Place for Hate school. Banners can also be mailed at your request.

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