As students return to their classrooms, families hope for a year without the pain of bullying in schools and on the web. In September, the What You Can Do series teams up with the Anti-Defamation League to take action against online hate speech and promote kindness. In new episodes featuring experts at ADL, What You Can Do will spotlight easy ways to help stop online bullying, bigotry and hate speech during the first two weeks in September. With ADL’s Cyber-Safety Action Guide, internet users can find cyber-bullying and harassment policies for popular online platforms such as Amazon, Facebook and and contact methods to flag offensive content.

The video series was launched earlier this month with a public service video that illustrates how Internet users can report offensive hate speech using ADL resources, and has continued with the daily release of video interviews with ADL experts and spokespeople on issues surrounding bullying and hate speech.

All of the videos may be accessed on the “What You Can Do” blog at