Council Rock North ‘No Place For Hate’

Council Rock High School North received its “No Place For Hate” designation from the Philadelphia Anti-Defamation League during a ceremony Wednesday morning at the Newtown Township school….
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The Anti-Defamation League today criticized a proposed advertisement from an anti-Muslim group as “inflammatory and highly offensive,” but said it is also protected political speech under the First Amendment. ADL has played a leading role in exposing and combating anti-Muslim bigotry by: opposing so-called anti-Sharia laws around the country, producing reports on groups and individuals whose public campaigns have fueled this bigotry, and assisting Muslim communities denied permission to legally build or expand mosques in their neighborhoods….
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TONIGHT: Is the Supreme Court Objective? Cases For and Against

IS THE SUPREME COURT OBJECTIVE? CASES FOR AND AGAINST Brought to you by ADL in partnership with the National Constitution Center Most Americans share the perception that the Supreme Court is objective, but is it? Preeminent constitutional scholars Erwin Chemerinksy and Nicholas Quinn Rosenkranz will tackle this controversial question in discussion analyzing Supreme Court rulings over the last 200…
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December Dilemma or Teaching Opportunity?

December is a festive time of year because so many holidays are celebrated by people from different religions, cultures and races. We spend time with family and friends, connect with our faith or culture, give and receive gifts and enjoy special foods and treats. However, it can also be a time of year—especially in schools—where…
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